Holistic Benefits

By choosing honestly natural products, you are making life better for yourself and for those living around you

  • Better for you

    Nurtured skin and body tissue that is free of synthetic chemical build up

    Clean and non-toxic surfaces to eat on

    Clothes that are fresh after laundering, with no toxic residue and persistent toxic fragrance

    Non-toxic floors and walls and fume-free air

    You will be buying safe materials that have never even warranted animal testing

  • Better for all

    These materials are constantly replenished by nature and therefore there is no danger of depletion

    They are completely biodegradable - therefore the burden on nature is minimized

    Contrary to petrochemicals, their production requires only little energy and produces highly biodegradable waste products

    Their processing from source causes less damage to the environment than petrochemicals

    Fossil fuel extraction for chemical products only benefits a few already-wealthy groups, whereas production of botanicals benefits a larger part of the population