Our aromas

Our scents only come from essential oils. These are distilled or pressed from flowers, leaves, fruit, bark, stems and roots of plants. Many of these tap into the highly concentrated, aromatic, volatile components of the plants they are extracted from. They pass easily into your bloodstream when in contact with your skin, imparting therapeutic benefits inherent in their botanical make-up.

‘Fragrance’ in consumer products has become synonymous with inexpensive secret synthetic chemical soups that are highly persistent and tamper with our hormones. Companies are not even legally bound to disclose what they put into their fragrances as they fall under the category of trade secrets. And since fragrances are now used ubiquitously in products from toiletries to paint and paper, one can never be sure of how much one is absorbing and accumulating (see ‘Phthalates’).

We recommend a shift in the perception of fragrances, distrusting any product with a lingering presence and embracing the ephemerality of natural aromas.