Our Story

The objects of our daily urban lives have become rather complex, our dwelling spaces increasingly alien, and we have a growing deficit of nature in our urban landscapes. This complexity of living coupled with our separation from nature has impaired our understanding of the cause and effect of our habits on ourselves and our environment.

Common Oxen was born from the belief that introducing simple and natural materials, with elemental processing, could begin to make our families and homes safer. We believe in offering honest and wide-ranging alternatives for reducing our dependance on mysterious, unsustainable, often dangerous chemicals that currently run most of our domestic lives. We dont equate simplicity with austerity. We believe that there is delight and insight in effectively bringing the weath of botnicals and minerals once again to our sphere of experience. We believe in proactively being transparent about our approach, ingredients and products.

We have spent over five dedicated years researching safe and effective raw materials, and sourcing and formulating with the finest of them. We have striven to balance effectiveness, therapeutic benefits, experience and cost.