Shift to Naturals

Using real naturals and non-toxics will require a shift in your expectations from products you have been used to.

  • What to expect

    • Slight visual variations due to fluctuations in raw materials that are subject to the changes in weather, soil condition, season of harvest, etc.
    • Lack of foam does not necessarily mean that the soap, or shampoo or even a toothpaste is cleaning any less
    • Shaking a bottle before every use because it is better than using a synthetic emulsifier
    • Getting your cleaning staff to get as inspired about going natural because natural alternatives may not be as brightly coloured or strongly perfumed as the ones they are used to.
    • Paying more for the product (see Why botanical products are more expensive than synthetics)
  • Our product characteristics

    • Composed of pure naturals and mineral compositions are holistically far superior to synthetics and can be as effective, if not more
    • High botanical content
    • Our products are made by hand, in small batches, using self-preserving formulae
    • None of our products are tested on animals - only on human friends and family
    • We design our products to be as concentrated as possible to reduce packaging and haulage - a little goes a long way
    • We believe that having a shorter shelf life, without synthetic preservatives is better